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Jack Shoegazer's ICONOMICON!

making pictures smaller since 2006

Jack Shoegazer's ICONOMCION!
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icons, avatars, user pics
Lo and behold!

You have stumbled upon or possibly been directed to the most ancient archive for arcane iconography...

I am jackshoegazer, the artist and author in residence. Welcome.

Someday, long after civilization crashes, alien archaeologists will find nothing of mankind, except the ICONOMICON! and they will need nothing else in order to understand our strange and twisted existence.

Feel free to peruse and gaffle as many of my lovely icons as you wish. After they leave these vaulted pages, they take on lives of their own, so do with them as you wish. I merely ask that you do not profane my photobucket by hotlinking. Such sins are unforgivable and punishable by fiery death upon a spit. I do take requests in a general sort, such that if you ask for vampires, unicorns, shoes, shoulders, mouths, monkeys, eyes, et cetera, I will oblige in a future post. I think that about covers everything, so until we meet again...


Unsolicited Testimonials:
aimodestructo says: you make the best icons of anyone, anywhere.

ribbon_scythe says: ...his graphics are amazing. I can waste hours upon hours just staring at every post on ICONOMICON!. His icons are tongue in cheek, edgy at times and made me realize just how artistic a 100x100 pixel space can be. I'm so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of crazy and fun icons I can't choose just a few!

astrophysically says: You have raised icon making to an art form.

aleenchain says: I want to say how much I admire your work. Your icons are like a flash-tour in current times, i can watch them for hours.

blueheronz says: Whenever I lurk here, I listen to David Bowie, Scary Monsters. Sometimes I lurk for rather a long time, so I hear the entire record. It fits. Your work says: Because you're young, you'll meet a stranger some night .... It says that & more. With each batch of little universes boxed inside rectangles, you've opened strange doors that will never close again. Lovely, I say.

aerasume says: Um, wow. Your icon posts are an irreplaceable service to mankind.

gorgon_mythos says: I came here on after someone told me you made the hilarious dinosaur on a bicycle and I am just blown away by your talent. These are funny, silly, beautiful, and some are just a wee bit frightening. It's like Freud's Id, Ego & Super Ego...but in icons. Brilliant!

babyeraserhead says: Your icons are fantastic. It's as if each one is part of some private joke you have about the world.

beachcomber says: This is the best icon journal on the whole internet and I always take a shitload every time you post.

moirariordan says: Dude! You are fandom's icon soul mate! Beeeeayoootifull.

corbye says: Trembling with anticipation I opened this incarnation of the Holy Iconomicon. Behold! Avatarized House! Many other snarky images. Thou hast made my day! Ravished my soul with delight, even. All glory and honor shall be yours when a sacred icon from this trove is displayed by me.

hingedninja says: You make some of the fucking weirdest icons. But you also make some really awesome ones. Sometimes, those two groups coincide.

turkeyanne says: It's such an eclectic little jumble, no animation, no obnoxious sorting by fandom or anything, and making reference to things I don't even care about not understanding. Little 100x100 windows of human experience.

khylara says: You have outdone yourself with the fabulousness of your icons. Some are very pretty, some are educational, some are disturbing and some had me laughing so hard I nearly fell off the couch. Great job!

weedy_tea says: i love your icons. every time you post, my heart sings like little demented tweeters. i want to massage your brain with my tongue. thank you thank you thank you for all the lovely pics.

wordflake says: So many great icons, I want to collect them all and keep them in a small jar and feed them stories about chemistry and pet them when they're feeling afraid.

andrea_p says: It's like browsing an art museum in the comfort of my pajamas.

stringsofpearl says: you icon the most random shit and i have to love you for it.

greeniezona says: I don't remember how I found the ICONOMICON! but I love his regular dumps of just random, crazy, all over the map icons, ranging from the terribly sweet to skirting the line of obscenity.

divvums says: Fantastic. Fabulous. Fancy. Fascinating. Flawless. Fresh. Fearless. Functional. Fun. Fucking awesome. More words beginning with "f" that have generally positive connotations.

ceruleania says: I always love your random icons...it's nice to see someone else sees the world's intimate and admittedly disturbing details.

ascarerea says: Sort of like I live paycheck to paycheck, I live from icon post to icon post of yours. Each time I see your username pop up on my friends' list, joy fills my heart at the prospect of finding more userpics to fill up my allotted 35 spaces. And truly, your icons are the best. So please, keep making them, to keep the aesthetic paychecks flowing.

veroberoface says: This site is delightful... no, no, it is brilliant... no, no , no... there is not a word to describe it's perfection, so I'm forced to make one up. And I'm going to do so right now... scrumtralescent. Your site is scrumtralescent.

macphista says: The awesome of your posts fills my spleen with joy and make me want to sing hallelujah.

nuclearfootball says: If you were the only icon-maker on LJ, and everyone was forced to use your icons, then we would never have to look at horrible icons, and the world would be a better place.

atair says: I just stumbled across The ICONOMICON! and I'm somewhat overwhelmed. It was a startling spiritual experience. Like Nietzsche but FASTER.

oregano42 says: You, sir, have provided an astounding reserve of icons here. I have gone through your backlog and stared at your fantastic behemoth of artwork and have chosen many to use... Thank you for such glorious images, and I hope the mission to spread the message of the ICONOMICON! to all the little boys and girls is fully upheld.

krissa27 says: Every single icon made has been an amazing work of art! I currently have 176 icons from the ICONOMICON! on my computer, and each time I get a notification from LJ saying you've updated, I drop everything to find out what you've been working on. Livejournal wouldn't be the same without your icons.

slodwick says: Jack Shoegazer makes some of the most original, interesting, disturbing, hilarious and unique icons I've seen on LJ. He doesn't seem overly fannish (though, I admit, I don't know much about the man behind the icons), which means his icons are rarely the same stale promotional pictures we've all seen; even his stock photos and t-shirt icons put a new spin on familiar images. He has a great eye -- his use of subject, color and cropping really impresses me, and makes me want to redo all my own icons.

gnossiennes says: I like my icons like I like my women: beautiful and funny. That's why I shop at the ICONOMICON! for all my iconning needs.

expositionary says: This is the best icon archive. Ever. This guy icons record players and vampires and abstract art and elephants and sick humour of the Sam-and-Vicky kind and icons that would make small children cry and The Princess Bride and I found an icon of a COMMUNIST CAREBEAR. Honestly. Just go there.

zanzando says: Your icons are like a pop culture cross section 10,000 pixels apiece, with all the variety inherent in our modern world. Fantastic.

mistresssavanna says: This is like on the eighth page of nowhere, but I have to say that Jack Shoegazer's icons are the most creative, inventive, original and I wish they were works of art because I would pay to be able to hang them all over.

ladytinkerbelle says: seriously, you blow my mind. your icons are the most thought-provoking i have ever seen. thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. i am proud to decorate my journal with your gorgeous icons.

pookayasha says: I can't believe how much I love your icons. Each post is like browsing through an art gallery. However you make these, you have a very good eye for witty images and aesthetics. I'm always happy when you've updated, even if it takes me half an hour to look through them. Thank you!

Get your ICONOMICON! gear at Ye Olde ICONOMICON! Shoppe!

P.S. Fans and devotees of the ICOMONICON! should feel free to gift jackshoegazer with paid account time so I can keep up my massive iconography projects, and because you all love me, right? Or if your love is so inexpressible, you could always get me something from my Amazon Wish List. The effort and sweat and sanity I put into these icons are worth these small tokens of gratitude. Yeah, exactly. WINKWINKNUDGENUDGEHINTHINT.

P.P.S. Feel free to ask for the source of any particular icon. Sometimes I know, sometimes I don't. Also, Tineye.com is a reverse-image search. You upload a picture and it hunts for other instances of it on the web. It's a great tool for finding source images or artist, photographers, et cetera. Enjoy!

Please visit these ICONOMICON! approved affiliates!

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The ICONOMICON! won't settle for making 10 louder. These icons go to 11!
The EPIC never ends at the ICONOMICON!

I rarely credit the source for the images I use. If you want to know, try using Tineye.com, which is a reverse image search engine. It is fantastic. If that does not help, feel free to ask. Sometimes I know, sometimes I don't. I will never get mad at you for asking. I will however get mad at you for getting mad at me if I don't know. I get my images from a lot of different places. That's what makes the ICONOMICON! so amazing.
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